Monday, December 16, 2013



                                                                                                     by debra's back yard blogs

It's an arduous chore
To really deep clean
Especially when you're the only one doing it.

The Husband has sawdust
Or mud on him
As you try to waylay him from entering it.

The dogs shake their hair
And scatter their food
As you wince from the once clean floor.

But up on shelves
You dust away
Windex the windows and doors.

Vac the house
Mop the floors
And shake the rugs outside.

Each knic knac wiped
And ceiling fans clean
Now you look on with pride.

Ahh, it's now
Time for a break
To observe the spotless scene.

The shine on the counters
The smell of your house
Everything looks so clean.

You adore your husband
Love your pets
Which make it all worthwhile.

The spaghetti for lunch
As you trip to your perch
YOU just spilled it all over the house.

This poem is featured in the CashiersWritersGroup. com website for the month of December, 2013.  Thanks, debra